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Fresco Harmonica Ensemble

With a classical music background enhanced by further contemporary music studies – FRESCO Harmonica Ensemble, was formed in May 2006. The members of this team are Choong Seet Yee, Patrick Koh and Vincent Liew, lead by Soon Hock Chuan. The repertoire of this ensemble encompasses a wide scope of musical styles. They are not only master in classical pieces, but started to play jazz, latin, blues, pop, folk songs and many others. While most of the songs are re-arranged and re-sequenced based on works of other composers, they are also playing their own compositions.

Apart from traditional harmonica ensemble playing which is accompanied by chord harmonica and bass harmonica, it is also a norm for this ensemble to perform using a ‘minus 1’ recording in order to heighten the music to a higher level, whereby audiences are mesmerized by the spectacular and outstanding performances.

Although this ensemble is newly established, it has already garnered a few awards locally as well as internationally. Among the competitions in which the ensemble has participated in, is the 6th Malaysia & Singapore Harmonica Competition as well as the 6th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival held in Taipei, Taiwan and 7th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival held in HangZhou. During these competitions, the Fresco Harmonica Ensemble managed to clinch a few titles and bagged some champions.

Mid June 2006, this group was also featured in a programme entitled ‘Finding Angels’ on national television, NTV7 and it managed to capture a lot of positive remarks and compliments as well as superb response from the viewers and live studio audience.

Fresco Harmonica Ensemble is always being invited to perform in many different events and functions. From secondary school to international stage, they always perform the best for the audience. Now, their target is to bring up the level of harmonica through these performances to a higher area so that people from around the world have the chance to know and learn harmonica!